Canned Tomatoes

Compared to last year’s meek tomato harvest, this year is insane.  I brought in 34 tomatoes tonight alone – so you can imagine how backed up we are getting on ‘maters!  Luckily most of these guys are Romas, which I specifically planted for canning purposes.  This was my first shot at canning tomatoes (pre-sauce, anyway), and it was remarkably simple.  You really can preserve any kind of tomato, though the “meatier” kinds definitely hold up best.  Next time, maybe some of my heartier heirlooms.




Slow Cooker Honey-Soy Drumsticks

Summertime slow cooker recipe trial and error continues, and I have to say that we really enjoyed this one.  Next time, I might thicken the sauce for a bit longer afterwards to get a better coating, but this was pretty great even with a watery sauce.  The leftovers were awesome as well!  We had this with zucchini and summer squash, because we are pretty much drowning in both. 😉slowcookerdrummies