Baked Ziti

My favorite baked ziti recipe – easy and always awesome.  I usually just make it with ground beef and season a lot, but it would also work with ground turkey or sausage, as the original recipe (from Smitten Kitchen) suggests.  We’ve also done this with shirataki and liked it just as much. 🙂





Andouille Sausage and Black Bean Chili

I have had a chorizo/black bean chili recipe from Cooking Cooking light saved forever.  But of course when I go to actually make it, the store is out of chorizo.  Andouille seemed like it would also go well, and actually it was pretty good!  This was a mish-mash of two similar Cooking Light recipes in the end, and I altered it for the crock pot.  It has made a great freezer meal, and the only thing I would change is next time, I would not add the sausage until the last hour or so of cooking – just to heat it through.  It lost some flavor in the crock pot all day.



Flank Steak Pinwheels

This was another of the freezer meals we put together about a month ago. Shawn is out of town and this is easy and in the freezer and it’s possible we have no food at ALL in the fridge. So it worked out. I want to say that the best part was the side of the first zucchini from our garden (also grilled), but the pinwheels were pretty good! They were a little messy on the grill, but for something you can pull out of the freezer and more or less throw on the grill I’m a fan!





Buffalo Bleu Cheese Burgers

Another in a series of burgers I did for fast freezer meals.  We really liked this one!  Would be great with some extra buffalo sauce and blue cheese on the top, and a side salad.

photo 1 (10)



Tomato Basil Burgers

This was another in our attempt to pack a lot of freezer meals for super busy nights – this one is really convenient because you don’t have to thaw them.  Just throw them on the grill, they may take a little longer.  It was pretty good, though dry.  Some light tomato sauce might be good with a light side.  The recipe originally called for beef, and I subbed the turkey.  Lamb might be pretty good with this was well.

photo 2 (9)



Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken

In an attempt to get control of eating out so often when we are pressed for time, we decided to give the whole freezer meal thing a try.  It’s a little challenging when low carb is involved, but there are definitely a few recipes that looked like they were worth a try.  We pulled this one out and had it for dinner tonight and thought it was very good.  A little cheese or low fat sour cream would dress it up a bit, and some tomatoes or other color, but as a shredded chicken bowl on its own, we still enjoyed.  Definitely would make again, and you can’t argue with having meals ready to go in the freezer.

photo 1 (4)