Rosemary Chicken Salad

This has possibly become one of my new favorite things.  Inspired by a cute picture of chicken salad stuffed mini peppers, I went looking for a good recipe for our Kentucky Derby party a few weeks ago.  I’ve never actually made it, or gravitated towards it.  But this was outstanding, and we’ve now had it both in the mini peppers and as lettuce wraps for lunch.  Easy to keep on the light side, we’ll make this again and again.  This is from Cooking Light.




Goat Cheese and Olive Mini Sandwiches

Of the three mini sandwiches we made for our awesome group wine outing, this was by far my favorite.  But olives and goat cheese are fantastic, so there you go.  Definite make again.





Veggie Tortilla Roll-ups

This was the second mini sandwich we did for our wine tour with our friends, and it was another good one. I would definitely make it again for a get together or even for a lunch. Yummy vegetarian option. We did half on wheat and half on plain tortillas, and you could mix and match with any flavor.



Dilly Ham and Cheese Mini Sandwiches

We went on a wine tour for our friends’ surprise joint birthday party, and a picnic was included in said trip…clearly a good opportunity for mini sandwiches!  This was the first of three, quick and easy.  It would be easiest with cocktail bread, but we couldn’t find it and just used thin white bread and sliced off the crusts.  Very yummy!



Deviled Egg Salad

Deviled eggs and egg salad sandwiches are two of my favorites…makes sense to combine them!  I did this in lettuce wraps instead of bread, and it was very filling.  Great for a quick low carb meal, and it would be perfect for lunch.  You can make this to size, and throw in whatever you like in your egg salad.

photo 2 (2)


Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

This is was a nice side salad for grilled food over the holiday weekend…we had it with both nice steaks and beer can chicken. 🙂  Versatile!  It would also make a nice lunch…it made a ton, so there was plenty for lunches this week.  Definitely satisfies my “grain” craving while staying on the low-carb side.


photo 1 (1)



Pasta and Greens Salad

I can eat an army’s worth of pasta salad, seriously.  It’s kind of ridiculous.  This is a taken from something my mom emailed me about 10 years ago that I think *she* had on hand for 10-15 years. I could never get enough. I started mixing it with far less pasta and lots of greens (arugula or a spring mix are best…something a little bitter takes the dressing well and doesn’t get lost in the pasta) and using whole wheat  pasta and here we are.  No less delish, and it’s actually a complete meal or a nice cookout side dish, whichever works for what you’re doing. Very bright, adjustable, and great leftovers for lunches.


Quinoa Salad

A quick lunch that was a nice break form all the sandwiches and fast food that come with crazy schedules and moving.  It was nice to have our kitchen unpacked enough to make lunch.  I saw something similar to this on Skinnytaste, though I left out the onion and halved the olive oil.  We really enjoyed it – nice to have leftovers for lunches, too!



Salad in a Jar

This isn’t so much a recipe as a method of preparing salad, but this has made it super easy to bring salad to work.  I’ve seen it all over the intarwebs and wanted to give it a try.  I made 5 jars worth and it stayed fresh throughout the week.  Note though that I did not add the dressing to the jars themselves, but kept it in little cups on the side.  But for a half an hour of effort (including making two kinds of dressing), we had salad for lunch for the week!  I did a Greek and an Asian variety, but the possibilities are pretty endless, and if you make your own dressing you can keep it pretty low cal.



Kale, Tuna and Chickpea Salad

This was a quick salad we made for lunch that was quite filling.  Would be an easy thing to take to work as well.  We had this with smoky lemon tahini dressing and it went really well.