Goat Cheese and Olive Mini Sandwiches

Of the three mini sandwiches we made for our awesome group wine outing, this was by far my favorite.  But olives and goat cheese are fantastic, so there you go.  Definite make again.






Veggie Tortilla Roll-ups

This was the second mini sandwich we did for our wine tour with our friends, and it was another good one. I would definitely make it again for a get together or even for a lunch. Yummy vegetarian option. We did half on wheat and half on plain tortillas, and you could mix and match with any flavor.



Dilly Ham and Cheese Mini Sandwiches

We went on a wine tour for our friends’ surprise joint birthday party, and a picnic was included in said trip…clearly a good opportunity for mini sandwiches!  This was the first of three, quick and easy.  It would be easiest with cocktail bread, but we couldn’t find it and just used thin white bread and sliced off the crusts.  Very yummy!



Potato Leek Soup

So I really do love grocery shopping.  Minus the crowds.  But the weird schedule with riding at night makes shopping on the internet and picking up the groceries pretty helpful some weeks.  The problem is, you don’t always get what you ordered, and apparently sometimes green onions = leeks?  I wasn’t sure what else to do with 3 large leeks besides potato leek soup!  As much as I am not a potato fan, this came out well enough that I actually liked it. 🙂  This was very simple, and I used an immersion blender to get it smooth.