Pistachio Cranberry Icebox Cookies

These were pretty little cookies that made a nice addition to our holiday tin.  They were not super sweet, but still had a lot of flavor and the red and green from the pistachio and cranberry was obviously very festive.  They were small cookies, but made a lot, so they were worthwhile to add some interest.  They are also very quick, which is quite welcome during holiday cookie-fest!





Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

So it’s possible we ate a lot of these before we got a picture (and I forgot to take one while packing the holiday cookie tins this year).  These were outstanding.  I cannot resist anything peanut butter, and could pretty much have eaten the batter and said ever so sorry to the cookie tins. 😉  This is an America’s Test Kitchen recipe, and the only change I made was to use smooth peanut butter instead of chunky.  I like it better that way, but it will clearly work whichever way you prefer!  A definite winner.


Peppermint Mocha Cookies

These were the definite winners for the Christmas cookies, IMO.  Really excellent, and I am no fan of chocolate.  I messed up the first batch by not soaking the espresso granules, and they were still great, but they were exceptional when done correctly.  Definitely one to make next year.



Roasted Herbed Beef Tenderloin

We decided on roast beef tenderloin for Christmas dinner this year, and we were VERY happy with the results.  I didn’t do much to it – it stood out on its own for sure.  A little compound butter and in it went for what I would say was by far the best Christmas dinner I have ever done.  We’re swimming in leftovers, but I’m not complaining.  This method came from Chow.



Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries and Pecans

This was a festive side dish to go along with a tenderloin roast for our Christmas dinner.  Quick and easy, but it was definitely a hit – my Mom even asked for it at every holiday meal from now on!  As much as we like sprouts, I think we can make that happen. 😉  This is a good old Alton Brown recipe.




Sriracha Baked Chicken

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts have never been my forte (unless grilled or a crockpot), but I’ve had some luck with baked versions.  I caught this on some list of Sriracha recipes and decided to give it a try.  We liked it a lot, and it was good for a quick weeknight meal.  I think next time I might marinate the chicken for a while, just to give it even more depth of flavor.  We had this with some sauteed bok choy.