Pear Ginger Pie

This would really have made a lovely Christmas pie, letting pumpkin or apple shine on Thanksgiving, but I was talked into it…and no regrets, it was a nice pie, worth making again for sure.  I think that next time I make it, I will double or triple the crystalized ginger.  I used multiple recipes to get to this, and though I waffled on double crust or streusel, I’m very glad I went with the latter…made the pie. 🙂



Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is shockingly easy to make from scratch, and this is my general go-to for it.  You will have to adjust orange/sugar/etc. to your taste and as you cook – for example, I find the sugar just right on this as someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, but you might like more!  This is an easy one to make ahead…one less thing on your plate for the day of.



Sourdough Sausage Stuffing

This is my absolute favorite stuffing recipe, and I don’t know why I’m just now getting around to posting it…I make it every year!  Probably pretty much my favorite thing at the Thanksgiving table.  This is a Cooking Light recipe from eons ago, and the only thing I ever changed about it was to use all chicken stock instead of half stock/half water.  Well, and to change up the sausage…hot Italian is awesome with this, but so are various herb sausages…you really can’t go wrong.  I will say to be careful of the moisture level – it’s very dependent on how large a loaf of bread you use, etc.  I usually find I only need 2 cups, but you can go up to 3…I also like a slightly crisper stuffing.  Can’t say enough good things about this one!



Mixed Beans and Bacon

This was a good, solid side dish for a holiday meal.  I added both green beans and wax beans for some festive color.  Definitely would go to it again for a nice holiday veggie side dish, though too splurgy for our every day. 😉



French Silk Pie

I’m not much of a chocolate fan, but Shawn is, and this was one he mentioned he’d like for Thanksgiving.  I’m glad he did…it was good enough that I enjoyed it as well!  Very rich, but not difficult and we all liked it a lot.  This is a Pioneer Woman recipe I made with no adjustments.  I did use store bought pie crust…the chocolate stole the show so it didn’t much matter. 🙂  It was perfect with some homemade whipped cream.



Stuffed Acorn Squash

We try to eat vegetarian once a week, although it doesn’t always work out.  But there are so many great options out there, we really should make more of an effort.  This was awesome – I got the recipe idea from a curried squash idea from MorningStar Farm’s website, and modified it to make it a little more southwest-themed.  Definite make-again.



Pan-Grilled Chicken with Chorizo Confetti

This was another Cooking Light recipe that we picked for weeknight speediness, and thought it was a little so-so.  To be fair, I have never been great at cooking chicken breasts on a stovetop.  But it had potential, and I’m posting it because with leftovers the next day, I added a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese and it was suddenly much better!  I would probably still like this better if the chicken were grilled, so worth trying again next summer. 🙂