Cinnamon Apple Cake

Well, we’ve gone and done it and bought the farm of our dreams! The horses are right out back now, so it’s a lot easier to cook.  Back to recipes.  It seems fitting that the first one I’m adding to the site is a cake we served at our housewarming party.  This is a 10+ year old Cooking Light recipe that always goes over well.  It is great for Thanksgiving, or any other fall occasion.  It also makes a great coffee cake!




Mini Pumpkin Pie Bites

Cute, easy, and disappeared fast!  These were a fun Halloween dessert, but could also be great for Thanksgiving if you don’t want to make a whole pie.  I would say don’t skip the butterscotch topping – really made it!  Also really portable – great for pot lucks!  I really liked these.



Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Any time these appear on a cookie tray, I have to restrain myself from eating all of them.  So I decided to go ahead and make them myself this year – definitely will be a regular addition in the cookie tins.  This is from Joy of Baking.




Mint Chocolate Cookies

This may be one of my favorite cookies I’ve ever done – but I love all things mint.  Definitely a popular one in this year’s cookie tins.



Cherry Chocolate Blossoms

Another new cookie in this year’s holiday cookie extravaganza, this one was cute and went over well.  A twist on peanut butter blossoms.



Holiday M&M Bars

One of the cookies for our yearly holiday cookie tins – as much as I am not a fan of chocolate, I really liked this one.  Simple and makes a lot, too.



Candy Corn Cake

This is actually a chocolate layer cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, decorated in candy corn colors for our Halloween party. 🙂 This was a cake recipe I hadn’t tried before, but it was pretty good even for this non-chocoholic, so I will use it again. A fun dessert for the holiday!  Got the idea from an article about Halloween-themed desserts.



Pistachio Cranberry Icebox Cookies

These were pretty little cookies that made a nice addition to our holiday tin.  They were not super sweet, but still had a lot of flavor and the red and green from the pistachio and cranberry was obviously very festive.  They were small cookies, but made a lot, so they were worthwhile to add some interest.  They are also very quick, which is quite welcome during holiday cookie-fest!




Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

So it’s possible we ate a lot of these before we got a picture (and I forgot to take one while packing the holiday cookie tins this year).  These were outstanding.  I cannot resist anything peanut butter, and could pretty much have eaten the batter and said ever so sorry to the cookie tins. 😉  This is an America’s Test Kitchen recipe, and the only change I made was to use smooth peanut butter instead of chunky.  I like it better that way, but it will clearly work whichever way you prefer!  A definite winner.