Spicy Turkey Jerky

Another great jerky recipe for the dehydrator…I’m undecided if I liked this or the beef jerky better!  This one came from Chow.

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Beef Jerky

So we bought a dehydrator.  Mostly to make jerky, because this is pretty much my favorite snack, and Shawn is a huge fan too.  Added bonus that we can dry the extras from the hopefully prolific garden this summer.  Anyway, I got the marinade from an old Alton Brown recipe, and followed it to the letter – it as awesome.  Next time I might add more soy sauce and less red pepper flakes, but overall it was delicious!  Our first attempt at jerky was a total winner.


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Beer Can Chicken

What can I say…this was easy and absolutely delicious.  We combined a few rubs to make the final product, but you can’t get much more low maintenance for a nice summer meal!  And bonus chicken stock tomorrow!  You can fine the recipe here, at my friend Missy’s site.


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Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

This is was a nice side salad for grilled food over the holiday weekend…we had it with both nice steaks and beer can chicken. 🙂  Versatile!  It would also make a nice lunch…it made a ton, so there was plenty for lunches this week.  Definitely satisfies my “grain” craving while staying on the low-carb side.


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Asparagus, Green Bean, and Wax Bean Salad

I’ve had this one from Chow saved forever, just looking for the occasion to use it.  It makes so much that it’s not exactly a two-person meal.  I thought this was great though – light, flavors were good, and a pretty side dish for a BBQ or picnic.

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Greek Panzanella

I got this one from my friend Missy years ago, and it’s still one of my favorites.  If I didn’t try to stick to low carb, I’d make some variety of Panzanella all the time.  This is another Ina recipe, never gets old.  Went well with our BBQ last weekend.

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Classic Potato Salad

Potato salad is definitely a go-to BBQ side, and even though I am really not a fan of potatoes, I recognize most people do not agree with me. 😉  We had a BBQ last weekend to showcase Shawn’s foray into the world of brewing his own beer, and he also made his awesome wings.  Of course a classic potato salad was a given with that.  This is an Ina Garten recipe, I didn’t change anything, and the dressing was excellent.  Definite winner.

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Buffalo Bleu Cheese Burgers

Another in a series of burgers I did for fast freezer meals.  We really liked this one!  Would be great with some extra buffalo sauce and blue cheese on the top, and a side salad.

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Tomato Basil Burgers

This was another in our attempt to pack a lot of freezer meals for super busy nights – this one is really convenient because you don’t have to thaw them.  Just throw them on the grill, they may take a little longer.  It was pretty good, though dry.  Some light tomato sauce might be good with a light side.  The recipe originally called for beef, and I subbed the turkey.  Lamb might be pretty good with this was well.

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Slow Cooker Balsamic Pork

This wasn’t a bad crock pot recipe, and is worth trying again.  It originally came from Skinnytaste, and needed some extra seasoning.  But through no fault of the recipe, I managed to grab the wrong kind of roast by accident.  So it was a lot saucier/more watery than originally intended.  If I hadn’t been so lazy, I probably would have bothered to thicken the sauce, but it was fine as is.  Definitely has potential with more seasoning – I think some veggies in with the roast would be great as well.  We served this with steamed asparagus.