Lamb and Feta Lasagna

This month’s Cooking Light has a feature on lightened lasagnas.  Can’t beat low-cal lasagna!  Oddly enough, the lightest of the bunch was a lamb and feta.  Two things we both loved, lower-cal…that’s a winner!  I did not deviate from the recipe except to use my own tomato sauce instead of canned, and it was very good as-is…the only change I would make besides would be to add some spinach for some bulk and color.  I would stay to stick with an actual marinara/tomato sauce over just the canned crushed tomatoes – whether homemade or a jar, it will lend more flavor.  Definitely a great “light” lasagna!  This made a ton so plenty of leftovers for lunch, or a lazy cooking night…always a good thing!



Ham and Green Pea Pasta

Well, I’d had something more elaborate planned for the first meal in our new house.  But then I ran out of time to go to the store because I much preferred riding the horse and unpacking to the grocery store on football Sunday.  Cook with what was in the meager post-move fridge it was, and this is what resulted!  Last of the Thanksgiving ham, some leftover cream, some cheese…and here we are.  We were quite pleased with it!





Italian Pasta Salad

This is a great pasta salad to have as a meal or as a side at a picnic.  Lots of flavor and easy to adjust to tastes.  I got this one from Chowhound, and we made this one for our Memorial Day picnic.



Winter Squash And Sausage Ragu

One of my favorite dishes from Mark Bittman, via my friend Becky. Fantastic way to use up some winter squash, and it’s good with any variety. I’ve also tried it with a few different kinds of sausages, which have all been great (vegetarian also works).  It’s very adaptable and the leftovers are always nice to have for lunch!