Matar Paneer

Despite the fact that we live in international food heaven, paneer can be a pain to find in conventional grocery stores.  It happens that a couple of my favorite Indian recipes are centered around paneer, so I was really excited when my friend Missy sent me a link on how to make homemade paneer.  It was super easy to make and really good.  So we needed a recipe, and I picked Matar Paneer, one I like a lot.  This was kind of a mish-mash of a Madhur Jaffrey recipe and some other cobbled-together on the internet.  We liked it, but next time I’ll add WAY more liquid.  We both like our curries on the soupy side. 😉  It was enjoyable and I’d give it a spin again.  The paneer will *definitely* happen again.

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Fish Fillets in Curry Sauce

This was a Madhur Jaffrey recipe that looked really interesting, and Shawn picked up some nice haddock fillets so it was a good fit.  We really liked both the simple preparation of the fish and the sauce!  I am not usually a star at breading/baking fish, but I followed this to a tee and it came out perfectly.  The sauce would also be really nice with chicken or pork as well.  All-around great recipe…pretty much like every Madhur recipe we’ve tried. 🙂  We had this with ginger-garlic broccoli on the side.

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Lamb with Spinach (Saag Gosht)

This comes from my Madhur Jaffrey Indian cookbook, which is one of my favorites, and I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten around to posting it before.  It’s easy, if time consuming, and really excellent.  I’ve yet to try one of Madhur’s recipes that I don’t love, but this is a particular favorite of ours.  It can also be done with beef, but I do think it would lose something without the lamb.  I served it with roasted curry cauliflower and broccoli and a flatbread.



Spinach and Paneer Dal

This was a recipe I got from Chow, and modified a little bit because a) I had no yellow lentils, and b) I really wanted to add paneer.  I think the addition of paneer was a good one for sure – delish!  But this would have done a little better with yellow split peas – it could have used the bulk.  Still very good, though, and one we’ll make again.  We’d normally serve this over rice or with some naan, though we’re trying to watch the carb overload during Mostly Meatless March.  I paired this with curried roasted cauliflower.