Cherry Almond Cake

I stumbled upon this cake a few years ago at Joy of Baking, and it turned into a favorite.  I’ve made it with fruit other than cherries, but cherries are the winner for sure.  I’ve also done it with and without ground almonds, and though I prefer it with the almonds, it is delicious without as well.  A very versatile cake, and when we got cherries in our CSA this week, it was clearly the thing to do. 🙂




Spice Cake

My all-time favorite cake.  I usually turn my nose up at dessert, but I can never resist this.  This is probably the best recipe I have ever found, and it’s been tweaked and adapted so much that I’m not even sure of the original source, though it was somewhere on All Recipes many moons ago.  You can make this cake lighter and fluffier if you use light brown sugar, or more dense and moist with dark brown sugar.  My preference is the latter.