Andouille Sausage and Black Bean Chili

I have had a chorizo/black bean chili recipe from Cooking Cooking light saved forever.  But of course when I go to actually make it, the store is out of chorizo.  Andouille seemed like it would also go well, and actually it was pretty good!  This was a mish-mash of two similar Cooking Light recipes in the end, and I altered it for the crock pot.  It has made a great freezer meal, and the only thing I would change is next time, I would not add the sausage until the last hour or so of cooking – just to heat it through.  It lost some flavor in the crock pot all day.




Turkey Bruschetta Burger

Given our glut of fresh tomatoes (and, unfortunately, an early peak now that bot of our ‘mater plants have croaked!), this was an appealing recipe idea from Skinnytaste.  The burger recipe is what really interested me, because I had not seen a turkey burger made with zucchini before!  It actually made an excellent filler.  I left out the breadcrumbs and everything held together well regardless.  Very tasty!  We would make this again.  We served it over a bed of lettuce with more tomatoes.