Caribbean Brine Pork Chops

We’ve had so much success with brined chops that I’ve been looking through a few other brines to try them out.  This was good, but too sweet for me.  If you like sweet with a nice hint of spice, you would probably really enjoy this.  I mean, I didn’t leave anything on the plate. 😉  We had this with our squash tossed with some of our dill and chives, and some corn we picked up.  Will be corn season in Virginia soon!! 🙂






Beer Can Chicken

What can I say…this was easy and absolutely delicious.  We combined a few rubs to make the final product, but you can’t get much more low maintenance for a nice summer meal!  And bonus chicken stock tomorrow!  You can fine the recipe here, at my friend Missy’s site.


photo 2 (1)

Turkey Bruschetta Burger

Given our glut of fresh tomatoes (and, unfortunately, an early peak now that bot of our ‘mater plants have croaked!), this was an appealing recipe idea from Skinnytaste.  The burger recipe is what really interested me, because I had not seen a turkey burger made with zucchini before!  It actually made an excellent filler.  I left out the breadcrumbs and everything held together well regardless.  Very tasty!  We would make this again.  We served it over a bed of lettuce with more tomatoes.


No-Carb “Bread”

So “bread” is going out on a limb for these guys, but they *are* pretty good.  As someone who craves bread, I don’t think that they make a great substitute, but they were good as replacement flatbread for dipping, etc., and we also thought that a very flavorful burger would do well with them.  I think if you added some herbs or a little cheese, they make good snacks – they’re pretty tasty on their own.  They also could make a decent crepe substitute with some berries, etc.  This recipe is all over the interwebs, but I believe I got them from somewhere on All Recipes.



Lettuce Wrap Turkey Tacos

This was a great, low carb idea I got from Skinnytaste.  I have home-mixed taco seasoning, and that was perfect to spice up the a ground turkey a bit.  We really loved this, and since neither of us is a huge fan of taco shells, we actually preferred the lettuce!  Pretty quick and easy for a weeknight meal, too.  Top with any of your favorites – a little reduced fat cheese and sour cream helped temper the heat a bit.   I serve this with Mexican-style black beans.



Stuffed Peppers (Lower Carb)

We are trying our hand at low-carb, and so far so good.  As far as main dishes go for us, it’s not too bad – we don’t eat much pasta.  But rice, starchy veg, and my beloved pretzels and beer…well, there’s no substitute for the latter, but it’s surprisingly easy to do without the former.  This is a stuffed pepper that we concocted using vegetables instead of rice mixed in with the turkey and our homemade roasted red pepper tomato sauce.  It was quite good, and the leftovers make for easy lunches.



Chile Marinated Chicken Wings

Rosie the Corgi was a big fan of making sure that she gave Shawn a grilling cookbook for Father’s Day.  She loves grilling, since it means occasional morsels for her. 😉  Since Rosie lacks in opposable thumbs, I picked out “Weber’s Real Grilling” on her behalf, and this was the first recipe we tried.  All I can say is wow!  Total winner.  The only change we made from the as-printed version is that we cut back on the peppers a bit



Chicken with Salsa Verde

I saw this on a website, and I truly can’t remember where now.  Either way, it seemed like a great, low cal idea – throw some chicken breasts in a slow cooker, dump a jar of salsa in, cook for a few hours and then shred the chicken.  I went ahead and made some salsa verde for this, and it was a really easy, really tasty meal.  It would be great in some tortillas, but we’re back on the eating lighter bandwagon, and it was actually delicious as is.  We had this with black bean and corn salad on the side, and really loved it.