Butternut-Squash-and-Sage Wontons

These things were like crack, seriously. Delicious, and although (very, very) time consuming, they were easy. They went like crazy at our Halloween party, and I will definitely be making them again for future parties.  This recipe came from Food & Wine.



Roasted Red Pepper Dip

This is a simple, healthy dip that is great for a party or just a snack. I used jarred peppers for this, but freshly roasted peppers would be extra awesome. We served this with pita chips. This is from Cooking Light.



Pumpkin-Shaped Cheeseball

So this cute idea was all over Pinterest when I went looking for Halloween party ideas.  This may actually be my favorite thing we made for the party!  Delicious and easy.  I liked it so much that I made it for Opening Hunt this weekend!  I found this on LOLFoodie, but you could definitely do this with any cheeseball you liked (or even make pimento cheese into a ball).



Queso Dip

So I feel like I may be stretching it a bit if I call this a recipe.  But it is like crack dip and Velveeta for the win, of course!  This was great for a crowd, and you can really adapt it any way you like.  I made this for a fun girls’ night at the barn and we enjoyed it!



Feta Basil Dip

So this was pretty much delicious.  And ridiculously easy.  I made this as a dip for apps before dinner with my Mom, and we all gave it two thumbs up.  Found this on a Buzzfeed listing of best dips, of all places, and it came from a blog called Domestic Superhero.  This would be great to bring to a picnic, and it’s best if you can let it chill overnight, but a couple of hours would do.  Serve it at room temperature.



Pimento Cheese Spread

My friend Missy made this for Memorial Day this year, and it was out of this world!  I was excited for the chance to make it myself – I can’t get enough of it .  We had the puppy naming party for the Hunt this weekend, and it seemed like a great excuse!  You can use any kind of cheese that you like, but in this case, I used a block of extra sharp cheddar and a block of pepperjack.  It had some kick!  I am also looking forward to trying smoked gouda at some point.  No matter what cheese, this is one of my favorites!  This was originally a Pioneer Woman recipe.



Chicken Parm Meatballs

I found this somewhere in the expanse that is Pinterest, and it seemed like a good idea…although ground chicken is sometimes kind of weird.  But this was pretty good, and a generous portion as well.  It fit with the leaner proteins for the 21 Day Fix, and was a good use for a jar of my tomato sauce from our garden this past summer.