Snap Pea Salad with Thai Vinaigrette

This was a really fun side salad – we had it with some Teriyaki wings.  You could definitely add some chicken or other protein to this to make it a full meal.  I think it would do well with noodles, too.  Either way, versatile and very tasty!  This came from Chow, I changed very little – subbed sesame oil for vegetable in the dressing, and Sriracha for chile garlic paste (I was out).  Made a ton, and stored separately from the dressing, it will be great left over!

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Orzo Salad

This is one of my favorite side dishes, and I especially like it with anything Mediterranean.  I made this to go with lemon-oregano grilled lamb chops for dinner, and probably could have hoovered the entire thing myself.  This is good warm or cold, so leftovers are very useful.  This could also be a main dish for a vegetarian night if you paired with a salad, etc.


Corn and Black Bean Salad

We really like this side salad with Latin type dishes, but really it would be great with anything.  We had it with Chicken Salsa Verde.  The addition of cojita cheese is what really makes it great, but if you want to lighten it even more you could definitely lose it and it would still be a good salad.  It is substantial enough that you could have a larger portion for a full meal.


Cucumber Melon Salad

I was surfing around for interesting salad ideas for our Memorial Day cookout, and this one caught my eye on Chowhound.  It seemed like a pretty nifty one, and I really liked it.  Very refreshing and easy.  Plus I love anything that includes cucumber and mint, so there you go.  I would definitely repeat this with any number of grilled main dishes for a nice summer side salad.



German Potato Salad

I was looking for a mayo-less potato salad…I’m not a huge fan of taters in the first place, and mayo salads even less.  Though I do recognize that many people are fans of both ;), I didn’t feel like a salad of that type went with our Memorial Day cookout menu.  I found this on Chowhound, and was very pleased with it – even I ate a serving!  It has done well leftover too, and is even more flavorful.  The only thing I did differently from the original recipe was that I served this cold, and the general consensus preferred it that way as well.



Heirloom Tomato Salad

Not really a recipe, but a good starting point for a great summer side salad.  We served this at our Memorial Day cookout, and I also frequently use it as a quick side with grilled meats.  Especially delicious with fresh basil!


Combine sliced tomatoes, basil, parsley, a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and a pinch of kosher salt and freshly ground pepper and gently toss.  That’s it!  Alter to taste.

Pasta and Greens Salad

I can eat an army’s worth of pasta salad, seriously.  It’s kind of ridiculous.  This is a taken from something my mom emailed me about 10 years ago that I think *she* had on hand for 10-15 years. I could never get enough. I started mixing it with far less pasta and lots of greens (arugula or a spring mix are best…something a little bitter takes the dressing well and doesn’t get lost in the pasta) and using whole wheat  pasta and here we are.  No less delish, and it’s actually a complete meal or a nice cookout side dish, whichever works for what you’re doing. Very bright, adjustable, and great leftovers for lunches.